Google Webmaster Tools Updates Robots.txt Testing Tool

Google announced they have updated their robots.txt testing tool in Webmaster Tools. The update brings you a few more features including:

(1) Highlights which line in your robots.txt file is blocking a specific page.


(2) Make test changes to the robots.txt tool and test it before you make the file live.

(3) Google will also show you older versions of your robots.txt file to see past issues.

Google starts to give priority in their search results to websites using HTTPS

Inside a statement posted over the official blog of Google, the technology giant has announced changing its search algorithms so that, from now on the search results is a priority to websites that make use the HTTPS protocol.

The HTTPS  (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) , is a secure protocol that guarantees an authenticated and encrypted communication within the website you’re visiting, so it provides greater security visitors there. This protocol is increasingly used in banking online , shopping, email services and, ultimately, any website that requires entering personal data and passwords. Google has claimed to have been testing in recent months, although it has been reported that, for the moment, this change in the way the results are displayed has affected only slightly less than 1% of all search results.

The objective of the measure is to encourage webmasters to start using this protocol, so will have to see if it really does increase its use in all types of web pages. It certainly is an interesting move by the search engine.